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SSE Green Electricity FAQs

SSE Green Electricity FAQs

What value is there in having an SSE Green Electricity contract?

SSE Green Electricity enables you to report zero emissions for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting using the market-based method for your Scope 2 purchased electricity.

As well as being able to report zero emissions, organisations with SSE Green Electricity can also enhance their environmental reputation and commitment with customers and other stakeholders, reduce the carbon footprint of their organisation, demonstrate best practise in the marketplace and demonstrate commitment to renewable and sustainable goals.

What is the GHG Protocol?

Launched in 1998, the GHG Protocol seeks to develop internationally accepted greenhouse gas accounting and reporting standards and tools to promote their adoption worldwide.

What is the GHG Corporate Standard?

This outlines a standard set of accounting and reporting rules for developing corporate inventories. The Corporate Standard identifies and categorises the emissions from all of the operations that together comprise an organisation.

Who needs to undertake GHG reporting?

From October 2013, it has been mandatory for FTSE 100 companies to report GHG emissions in their annual reports.

How can we be certain that SSE Green Electricity is generated from renewable sources?

SSE is provided by Ofgem with REGOs for each megawatt hour of renewable electricity generated and these are matched to the purchased electricity on your contract.

Meeting the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard

Using the 'market-based' reporting method under the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, Scope 2, the electricity you purchase can be matched to Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs), allowing you to report zero emissions. SSE Green Electricity benefits:

  • Report zero emissions for 'Scope 2' purchased electricity
  • Reduce your organisation's carbon footprint
  • Demonstrate your commitment to renewable and sustainable goals
  • Enhance your reputation with customers and other stakeholders
  • Demonstrate best practice in your marketplace.

To switch your organisation to SSE Green Electricity, speak to your SSE Business Energy account manager today.

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What are REGOs?

The REGO scheme is administered by Ofgem and has been designed to increase transparency for consumers who wish to buy renewable energy.

Although SSE Green Electricity customers get their electricity through the national grid as normal, it’s matched to REGOs allocated to SSE by Ofgem. So the electricity you buy is deemed to be 100% renewable energy.

What changes have been introduced to GHG reporting?

The latest amendment to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, Scope 2 Guidance (January 2015) introduced changes to the way in which organisations should report their GHG emissions.

The key change is that organisations now have to report their emissions according to a location-based or market-based method. The reason for this change is that organisations have increasingly demanded information about the sources producing their energy, and attributes about that production.

The location-based method reflects the average emissions intensity of grids on which energy consumption occurs (using mostly grid-average emission factor data) whilst the market-based method reflects emissions from electricity that companies have purposefully chosen (or their lack of choice).