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Smart meters for smaller businesses

Our smart meter rollout is underway –
we’ll be in touch soon if you’re eligible

SMETS2 – the next generation of smart meter

If your business has up to nine sites, you qualify for a next-generation SMETS2 smart meter.

With SMETS2, you’ll enjoy the same benefits of other smart meters – no more manual readings or estimated bills, and access to your energy data.

Unlike other smart meters, with SMETS2 you can switch suppliers without losing any smart functionality. And as they form part of the Government’s smart energy initiative, smart meters are fitted at no extra cost.

Your smart data can help you lower your bills

Smart meters help you understand how your business uses energy. So when you get a smart meter from us, you’ll also get access to Clarity. It’s a free online energy management platform that presents the data from your smart meter in user-friendly graphs and tables. And when you know how much energy you’re using, and when you use it, it’s easy to identify ways to save.

We will contact you soon, if you are eligible for a SMETS2 meter

Our smart meter rollout is now well under way, and we are currently in the process of contacting all our customers with qualifying meter types. If you’re eligible, we will be in contact by the end of June 2021 to offer you an appointment. If you require a smart meter sooner, please contact us, or you can take a look at our FAQs for answers to any other smart meter queries.