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Easy ways to save energy and lower your costs

Energy efficiency and retail

Reducing your energy use is an effective way to cut business costs and raise your profits. And as consumers become more eco-conscious, showing them you’re serious about reducing your environmental impact might help you win more customers*. Installing a smart meter will help you see where you use the most energy, and these simple tips can help you lower your consumption.


  • If you have display cabinets, LEDs are an efficient alternative to halogen bulbs
  • Daylight sensors, motion detectors and timers can turn lights off automatically in areas of low occupancy
  • Refurbishing your store? A lighting technician could transform your space with an attractive and efficient new system


  • Keep your appliances clean and defrost your freezers regularly – they’ll use less energy
  • When it’s time to replace appliances, choose energy efficient models with doors that close automatically
  • Don’t overfill fridges or freezers – this makes them use more energy to reach the right temperature

Your premises

  • Ensure your premises have roof insulation, double-glazing, and draft-sealed doors and windows
  • Automatic outside doors and draught lobbies will help maintain a constant inside temperature
  • Adjusting your heating or air conditioning by one degree can bring significant annual savings

Information sourced from the Carbon Trust – an independent body which helps organisations contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable future through carbon reduction, resource efficiency strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.

*The Harvard Business School Study, The Impact of Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Process and Performance has shown that 90% of customers are more likely to trust a company that supports environmental and social issues.