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Housing Associations

Reduce your consumption and improve the lives of your tenants

Energy efficiency in housing associations

When housing associations invest in energy efficiency, the benefits it can bring can have a direct impact on people’s lives. Using smart meters is a vital first step towards improving your efficiency. When you use the data they produce, it can help you lower living costs for your tenants, improve their comfort, and reduce the environmental impact on local communities. In the meantime, these useful tips can help you become more energy efficient.

Your estate

  • Ensure your buildings are properly insulated – do they have roof insulation, double-glazing and draft-proofed doors and windows?
  • Make sure your pipework is properly insulated
  • Listen to your tenants – they’ll be the first people to know if one of your properties needs some work

Alternative systems

  • Biomass heating systems can be an efficient, eco-friendly way of heating multiple properties
  • If you have areas with communal lighting, solar systems can provide a cost-effective solution
  • Correctly installed heat pumps can reduce your carbon footprint and lower tenants’ bills

Your tenants

  • Before making any improvements, ask if your tenants have any insight they can share – for instance, would improved lighting in communal areas make them feel safer
  • Encourage simple energy-saving initiatives, and explain the cost-saving benefits they can bring
  • Ask us for help – our experts can suggest some solutions to suit your estate, and your budget