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Cut energy costs without compromising service

Energy efficiency in hospitality

Whether you’re running a hotel, a restaurant or a bar, you can lower costs and reduce your carbon footprint by making smarter eco-friendly choices. And when your premises are well lit, well ventilated and kept at a comfortable temperature, your customers are more likely to stay longer, spend more money, and visit you again. A smart meter is crucial in understanding how your establishment uses energy. Once you understand that, these energy efficiency tips can help you lower your usage.


  • Use thermostats, time switches and radiator valves to control heat and reduce energy waste
  • If you have a larger hotel, consider creating different zoned areas within the building with separate temperature controls
  • In pubs and restaurants, adjust your thermostat timing to coincide with your opening hours

Ventilation and air conditioning

  • When you can, use windows and doors to ventilate rooms naturally to create a pleasant, comfortable environment
  • To avoid operating heating and cooling simultaneously, set a wide gap between the temperatures when heating and cooling kick in
  • Maintain your systems properly – simple measures like regular cleaning can increase the efficiency of ventilation systems by 25%


  • Apply simple energy-saving measures such as avoiding overfilling saucepans and kettles, only running dishwashers when full and ensuring fridge and freezer doors are properly closed
  • When it’s time to replace appliances, choose new energy efficient models
  • Consider installing heat-recovery devices in your kitchen to reuse the heat produced when you cook

Information sourced from the Carbon Trust – an independent body which helps organisations contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable future through carbon reduction, resource efficiency strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.