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Our free online platform makes it easy to understand your energy use

Clarity – the essential companion to your smart meter

Once you’ve made the smart decision to upgrade to a smart meter, the next thing you should do is activate Clarity. Clarity is our free online energy management platform. And it’s the key that unlocks the power of your smart meter.

How Clarity can benefit your business

By presenting your smart meter data in easy-to-understand graphs and tables, Clarity shows how, where and when your business uses energy. And this enhanced knowledge helps you find the areas where you can reduce your consumption, to help you lower your energy spend.

How does Clarity work?

Clarity is advanced energy-reporting software. It works in tandem with your smart meter, using the data it provides. It builds a detailed profile of your energy consumption which you can access in a suite of powerful reports.

You can set up Clarity to show the information that matters to your business. Customise your dashboard to show snapshots of the energy-related data that’s relevant to your business, every time you log in. Alarms and email alerts let you react to issues fast. And analysis and trending tools help you spot patterns and plan for the future.

Start taking control today

Subject to your consent, your half-hourly data will be fed into your online dashboard. Then you’ll be able to view, analyse and report on your energy use, anywhere you can get online.

Most importantly, once you start using Clarity, you could quickly find ways to make valuable savings. And cut the amount of CO2 your business generates.

Getting started with Clarity

When you have a new SMETS2 smart meter installed, it will send us your monthly meter readings by default. If you’d like to use Clarity, we’ll also need your permission to access your half-hourly energy consumption data.

To get things started, please fill out the following form. Then the Clarity team will get in touch to collect your permission to access your half-hourly data and complete your registration.

Want to know more about how we record, store and use the data from your smart meter? Our smart meter data guide will answer your questions.


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