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Webinar for TPIs: Agents of change – new solutions for net zero

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Listen to our Product Development Manager, Adam French, and Energy Live News talk to brokers about new solutions to achieve a low carbon world.

On 26 March, SSE Business Energy’s Product Development Manager, Adam French, and Geoff Curran from Energy Live News, discussed with TPIs (Third Party Intermediaries) new ways we can help the property industry tackle climate change and lead the way to net zero. If you missed our live webinar, you can listen to Adam’s presentation here.

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Adam began by outlining the SSE Group’s 2030 goals and sustainable approach, some of the key milestones we’ve set for the next couple of years, and how we plan to achieve them. “In SSE we all share a common core purpose of providing the energy needed today, while building a better world of energy for tomorrow.

“Within our group, SSE Renewables has the largest generation development pipeline of renewable assets in the UK. This means that our decisions and our activity heavily contribute to a world of energy that supports decarbonisation, and helps society as a whole. As a group, we have clear 2030 sustainability goals which are strongly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“Our strategy overall is to create value for society from developing, operating and owning energy and related infrastructure in a sustainable way. We believe our future is net zero and we want to take you on the journey with us.”

Adam also outlined SSE Business Energy’s sustainable solutions and how these are evolving to support customers with their sustainable goals.

Our 100% renewable energy offering, SSE Green, supports our aspirations to attain a net zero future.

“And we’ve developed a suite of reporting and energy management tools to help customers optimise and reduce their energy consumption, so that we can all create a better world for tomorrow.

“We’re also exploring ways to support customers with their electric vehicle journey. EVs offer a major solution to emissions, air and noise pollution. And while their range and speed are going up, their cost is coming down. We’re proud to offer a dedicated green electricity contract to help companies with EV fleets save money. We believe this is good for each customer’s business and for the environment.”

As a group, SSE is also supporting the push towards EVs by signing up to the EV100 – we’ve agreed to make our fleet of 3,500 vehicles electric by 2030, again showing our commitment towards EVs as well as helping customers with their own fleets, working together to achieve a low carbon world.

Adam concluded with SSE Business Energy’s new propositions aimed at the property sector. After seeing many councils declare a climate emergency, it’s highly likely that property managers will start to see increased requests for their energy to be renewable and that buildings are as efficient as possible.

“The property sector faces some unique challenges in the way they operate as well as the volume of changes they have to deal with. It is the awareness of these challenges that has led us to come up with solutions to combat these issues.”

To hear in full our latest solutions for the property sector, you can listen to the TPI webinar here.

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