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Virtual events set to make net zero networking a reality

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Catching up with contacts is possible despite social distancing, and we’re going digital to help you get the latest industry insights.

Many more of us have become used to doing business virtually over the course of the coronavirus lockdown, with MPs taking part in PMQs via Zoom and my own team meeting face to face thanks to Skype and Microsoft Teams.

Making use of virtual platforms extends to conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs, too. Major tech companies like Facebook and Microsoft have announced that their large events will be digital-based until summer 2021. Even events showcasing physical products are moving online, like London Fashion Week.

An upside of the recent increase in virtual events is a 99% reduction in related emissions, according to a report from virtual exhibition platform V-Ex. Travel, hotel stays and catering as well as heating, lighting and carpeting the venue all add up to a sizeable carbon footprint, and online events eliminate the need for most of these.

A virtual exhibition will create less than 1% of the carbon emissions of a live event, claims the report. A three-day conference with 800 attendees has a carbon footprint of 455 tonnes, corresponding to an average of 0.57 tonnes of emissions per participant.*

Nothing can quite replace meeting in person of course, but trying out new ways of working has shown how we can connect with less impact on the planet. After Covid-19 restrictions are lifted fully, instead of flying numerous people across the country or world to attend events, organisations that are committed to net zero carbon emissions are likely to make increasing use of virtual technology.

Nikki FlandersYou can connect with us as part of Future Net Zero Online, 1-5 June 2020. This week-long series of video webinars will discuss the concept of the ‘net zero reset’. Join SSE Energy Customer Solutions Managing Director, Nikki Flanders, live alongside Co-op from 11am on Thursday 4 June for the fourth partner insight session.

The virtual event will explore where the future following coronavirus is going to take us: into a new world, where we invest only in the cleaner technologies, industries and social structures to get us to net zero? Or will we return to the rush for short term survival, as we did after the 2008 crash? We have the power to shape the future ahead; help start that conversation going and discover net zero solutions together.

Register to attend free at

Ahead of Future Net Zero Online, you can watch SSE Energy Customer Solutions Managing Director Nikki Flanders in conversation with Future Net Zero’s Sumit Bose. Nikki discusses coping with the business challenges of coronavirus, and looks ahead to what this means for net zero – the government target to make the UK carbon emissions neutral.

*Making industrial exhibitions green


Rob Silvester

Strategic Marketing Manager

Rob Silvester is Strategic Marketing Manager at SSE Business Energy, leading on product development through to brand and channel management of our new and existing partners. Prior to running the marketing function, Rob worked for SSE Business Energy though a range of Key Account Management roles, learning first hand customer drivers and needs of an energy supplier. Rob achieved his Business Management degree sponsored by SSE Business Energy and has put the theory into practice as the business has evolved over time, carving out a unique patch.
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