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SSE Business Energy: Fair Tax and Living Wage

Amber McEwen, Head of Marketing at SSE Business Energy, talks about how we are working with the Fair Tax Mark and Living Wage foundations to bring the Better Business programme to a wider audience:

A few years ago, I was talking to a marketing agency about the SSE Business Energy brand and what direction we should be taking. They said something that I completely disagreed with then, and still do now; that we should steer clear from sustainability as it was ‘old news’.

That conversation showed me just how easy it is to become isolated from what’s important to both business owners and consumers across the UK. At Business Energy, we believe in the value of sustainability, but we wanted to find out what other businesses thought of it so, we commissioned some research on this very subject.

Our research found that 85% of people felt it was important for a business to be paying the correct amount of tax, with a further 79% saying it was important that businesses pay the Living Wage. This is also backed up by polling from the Institute for Business Ethics (and others) that found tax avoidance is the number one concern of the UK public when it comes to corporate conduct.

This clearly shows that sustainability is not ‘old news’, but is in fact something businesses must address, and I’m proud to say that with its Fair Tax and Living Wage accreditations this is something SSE has long since recognised.

I think we’ve got a really strong story to tell about what SSE has done in terms of sustainability and going Green, and now it’s time for us to share this experience to help other businesses do the same.

With this in mind, today we’re announcing that we will support businesses to gain the Living Wage and/or Fair Tax Mark by paying for SSE Green customers to get the Living Wage accreditation, and ten more to get the Fair Tax Mark.*

If you don’t know where to start, download these handy guides from our website. You can also call our team on 0800 389 4466, or visit

Click here to take a look at the businesses already involved in our Better Business programme.

*Maximum contribution is £250 per customer per accreditation. Which, for example, would cover half the costs of an SME with a turnover of £1million and below securing Fair Tax Mark accreditation. 


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