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SSE Green assured by Carbon Clear

SSE Green, offered to businesses of all shapes and sizes, has been independently verified and assured by Carbon Clear.

Carbon Clear, CDP Accredited Provider and trusted provider of carbon, energy management and sustainability services, has independently verified and assured SSE Green. Offered by SSE Business Energy, SSE Green is a 100% renewable electricity and allows businesses to report zero emissions for their Scope 2 emissions under the GHG Protocol Corporate Standards.

SSE Green is fully backed by Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origins (REGOs)*, certifying that the electricity has been generated exclusively through a portfolio of wind and hydro assets.

New research commissioned by SSE Business Energy** found that over a third (45%) of businesses feel more pressure to display traits of a responsible business compared to three years ago. SSE Green helps businesses, of all different shapes and sizes, to demonstrate their environmental commitments, positive ethical choices and improve their sustainability credentials.

Mark Chadwick from Carbon Clear said: ‘Businesses want to buy renewable electricity as part of their environmental strategies and to allow them to report zero emissions. To do this they must provide proof. The verification and assurance of SSE Green provides businesses with confidence that electricity purchased is generated by renewable energy sources.’

Mark Keeling, SSE’s Sales Director for Business Energy said: “We’re seeing an increasing desire from businesses to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious, and be able to demonstrate these credentials to their customers. It is no longer enough to just respond to a tender with a price, we are now being asked to show how as a supplier we can support the sustainability agenda of our customers. SSE Green gives customers credentials they can use to differentiate themselves from their competitors.”

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About SSE Business Energy

SSE Business Energy supplies around 500,000 businesses with electricity and gas, offering a wide range of energy contract solutions including fixed and flexible contracts.

The Business Energy team serves a broad and diverse range of clients from micro businesses to large national corporates. All customers are supported by UK based service teams providing support tailored to each business’s scale and scope.

Our depth of industry knowledge means we are uniquely positioned to help businesses by providing advice and the tools needed to manage their energy usage and take more control of their energy spend.

SSE plc is one of the UK’s leading energy companies, involved in the generation, distribution and supply of electricity and in the extraction, storage, distribution and supply of gas.

* Backed by a ‘Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin’ where consumption used is matched to an equivalent volume generated by our wind and hydro assets then exported to the National Grid.

** All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 2409 Senior Decision Makers from all business sizes. Fieldwork was undertaken between 14th – 29th August 2017. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of British business size.


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