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Our commitment to customer service can help your business grow

Great service is at the heart of how we work at SSE Business Energy, helping your business stay focused on your customers and your commercial goals.

Our commitment to excellent service helps your business, by making it as easy as possible to sort out your electricity and gas supply. In turn, this lets you spend more time delivering great customer service, keeping you on the path to growth.

We strive to continually improve and develop our products and services in a way that specifically seeks to treat customers fairly and we welcome your feedback on how we can do more. You can see some of our customer feedback quoted throughout this article.

“The adviser was great and explained everything clearly.”

Embedding excellent customer service

A focus on customer service has helped SSE Business Energy remain in the top three of the Citizens Advice non-domestic energy supplier performance league table, which compares how energy companies rank on handling complaints from micro businesses.

Quality of service is the number one measure for our advisers, who are based in the UK. They work hard to exceed expectations and make sure customers have a positive experience. We target our advisers to recognise and resolve complaints when they’re talking to customers.

One example is the case of a customer who had become confused trying to coordinate work that needed to be done following a supply upgrade. While the customer was on the phone, our adviser spoke to the local distributor, explained the situation and helped arrange the work. The customer was thrilled that we had taken the initiative to do this for them and appreciated that this went above the adviser’s remit to find an overall solution.

Feedback from our customers is important to us. Not only do comments get referred straight back to the adviser that they are regarding, but we also use feedback as a key measure to identify training needs and understand what our customers want from us so that we can deliver what they need.

“I spoke to the adviser for a long time – she couldn’t have been any more helpful. I am very grateful to her.”

Building a long term relationship

Building a relationship with each customer means we get to know their business and needs, so we can serve them better. As our customers grow, this knowledge helps us plan new solutions tailored to meeting their needs. We want customers to stay with us as they evolve.

Every business has its own energy requirements and it’s important to us that customers get the most appropriate supply contract for their needs. Our advisers will listen to customers to get a clear picture of their requirements and help them make an informed decision about the range of products, services and competitive market prices available.

Everyone wants a good deal, but pursuing cheapest prices above all else is a race to the bottom. We’re challenging the statistic that the utilities industry is one of the most complained about in the UK1. We’re committed to doing business responsibly and sustainably, so we can offer our customers fair prices and reliable service over the long term.

“The adviser was very friendly and he got everything sorted. I thought I was going to have problems but he was really good.”

Developing digital to save customers time

Investment in digital development is vital in our 21st-century world, and gives employees time to have deeper conversations with customers who need help with non-everyday issues. We appreciate that time is valuable when you’re running a business, so we want to make it easy for our customers to contact us.

Our telephone lines include menu options to allow customers to reach the right department quickly and easily. This includes our automated meter reading line, through which you can submit readings 24/7, on 0345 071 9894. You can submit meter reads via our website too.

Various services are available through our website 24/7, along with other helpful information. Customers can view gas and electricity bills, raise an enquiry or register interest in smart meters. SMEs can get gas and electricity quotes online, and when a business outgrows its current site, our moving premises page makes it easy to give us the information we need to aid a smooth transition of supply.

“The call was efficient and the adviser dealt with the problem straight away with no trouble.”

As your energy provider we have a responsibility to ensure that you are at the heart of everything we do, and to meet the ‘Standards of Conduct’ introduced by the industry regulator, Ofgem. You can read more about our commitment to outstanding service in our Treating Customers Fairly statement.

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