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How we’re making the new connections process easier for our customers

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Make no mistake: setting up a new energy supply requires a safe pair of hands. The steps involved, from understanding the complexities around metering and finding an energy supplier to sorting out a go-live date, mean there are a lot of potential challenges.

That’s where Connect comes in. Our new solution, Connect is a seamless, end-to-end process, that aims to take the strain out of new connections. It’s part of our commitment to driving a more efficient – and personal – service for our customers from the first point of contact.

What’s changed?

We’ve been trialling Connect, our new connection solution, this summer. As part of this, we’ve been offering new energy connections to all customers, both new and existing, across all distribution network operators. Following positive feedback from our customers and third-party intermediaries, we’re now rolling this out on a permanent basis. Both gas and electricity connections are available with the service.

The only sites we can’t currently offer Connect to are temporary builders supplies, contractors looking to develop premises and domestic customers.

What comes with the service?

When you sign up for a new energy connection with SSE Business Energy, our dedicated Connect team, which boasts decades of experience with a range of organisations from SMEs all the way to multi-national corporations, will be on hand from the outset to smooth the journey. The Connect team will be responsible for the full customer journey, including quoting, contract negotiation, all new connection work and the registration process. We believe that, by going through a single team, we’ll be able to address and solve any issues that might arise more quickly and efficiently.

Our customers often tell us that they worry about rising energy prices – and how this can make budgeting difficult. So customers signing up for our Connect service will be placed on a fixed price contract for the duration of their contract. By doing this, we hope to support customers’ budgeting plans over the medium to long term.

We’re also committed to helping you make use of emerging technology. When we connect your site, we’ll install an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) smart meter capable of recording interval data to enable energy analytics and accurate billing, which will help give you a fuller picture of how you’re using energy. On top of this, you’ll have free access to our online energy management platform, Clarity. This allows customers to view all their energy usage in one place and helps identity ways of improving energy efficiency and making savings.

We’re confident that, by taking over the connections process, and providing a comprehensive, end-to-end service, we’ll free you up to focus on the parts of your business that matter to you, whether that’s delighting your customers or growing your revenue streams.

To find out more about Connect, or to arrange a new connection, get in touch with us on 0345 0709385, or visit our Connect webpage.


Adam Downing

Head of Technical Billing

Adam is responsible for meter operations, data collection and aggregation activities within SSE Business Energy, as well as building and maintaining relationships with metering agencies.
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