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How energy management can help your Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

Category : Energy efficiency

Target net zero with SSE Business Energy’s online energy management and reporting platform – free for our customers – and energy optimisation solutions.

Nearly 12,000 organisations must address Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) in their annual reports. We can help qualifying organisations with the following:

  • Clarity – View all your data in our online energy management platform so that you can evaluate your energy efficiency, then work out ways to cut your carbon footprint
  • Energy optimisation – Identify and implement energy efficiency measures, supported by a range of services that covers nearly all aspects of the energy and smart markets
  • SSE Green Electricity – Report lower emissions with assured renewable energy

Find out more about SECR and how renewable electricity can help.

Evaluate your energy efficiency and cut your carbon footprint

All organisations to which SECR applies must include information about energy efficiency action taken in their financial year.

When considering energy efficiency strategies, the first step is to measure your electricity and gas usage so you can identify opportunities to save energy, carbon and money. Smart meters, coupled with the right energy management tool, put this data at your fingertips, saving time.

Our powerful online energy management platform, Clarity standard solution is provided at no charge for organisations with SSE supply contracts. Clarity Advanced adds a further four reports for a fee.

The platform connects to main, sub, heat, steam and calculated meters, and we’re happy to discuss how we can pull data in from other sources if we are not the supplier. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Clarity is intuitive and easy to use. Quick ‘snapshots’ highlight issues at log-in, and you can quickly identify faults and problems by setting alarms to flag exceptions.

Energy data is visualised in interactive graphs and tables. These provide a detailed view of your consumption or usage trends, allowing you to assess performance and identify areas to make energy and operational savings. After those changes have been implemented, our software shows the savings that have been made as a result.

Clarity Consumption Report:

Clarity Consumption Report

The Consumption Report allows you to plot consumption from electricity, gas, water, heat and even virtual meters. That data can be compared with consumption over multiple locations, time periods or utilities.

You can also click on each bar (representing a single day) in the main report to drill down into further details as far as the half-hourly data originally generated by your meter. This lets you see how much energy you’re using each day while also plotting the outside air temperature which has a major impact on how much heating or cooling you require on each individual day.

Clarity Advanced Analytics Report:

Clarity Advanced Analytics Report

The Analytics Module allows comparison of consumption against targets, benchmarks, industry standards and previous consumption. Consumption, cost and CO2 can be displayed and compared against historical data and predefined targets.

Performance can be investigated by time period and locations to identify periods and areas of poor performance across a building.

Red, amber and green performance indicators display savings against target, excess against target and excess against benchmark data. Set your own targets, benchmarks and floor areas.

Energy management towards net zero

To get you started, we’ve assembled a wealth of energy efficiency tips, tailored by sector.

We’d be happy to talk through how we can add value to support your submissions on identifying what energy efficiency actions are taken by your organisation that need to be reported in each financial year.

We work with SSE Enterprise, part of the SSE Group, to provide a range of services that covers nearly all aspects of the energy and smart markets. This includes the following areas:

  • Energy audits and compliance
  • Building Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Management Centre – remote management of your building management system
  • Energy Performance Contracting – energy reduction and generation measures
  • Distributed energy – generation and storage (large scale solar PV, batteries and combined heat and power (CHPs))
  • District networks (power, heating and cooling)
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure (public points, fleets and bus depots)
  • Virtual Power Plant – demand side response (DSR), markets and insights
  • Smart cities, places and buildings
  • Finance – fully funded options

If you’d like to discuss how Clarity and our other solutions can help your energy management and SECR, please get in touch with your account manager or contact us.

You can read the SECR government guidelines here, and learn more about SECR at


Gary Stalker

National Account Manager

Having worked in the energy industry for almost 20 years, Gary Stalker is National Account Manager for SSE Business Energy. He helps businesses of all sizes achieve their unique goals and unlock value from their energy contracts.

This includes action on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, through SSE Green 100% renewable energy contracts, energy saving and carbon reduction. Gary also provides clear, simple advice on regulation and compliance in an ever-changing policy landscape.

Gary looks at ways businesses can profit from energy assets through flexibility, too. His expertise covers renewable investment strategies, adjusting usage to help balance grid demand, and trading on the energy markets.
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