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Beware of energy fraudsters

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In recent weeks we have received an increasing number of calls from customers who have been contacted by individuals claiming to be from OFGEM or SSE.

The Fraudsters claiming to be from SSE are stating that our systems “are down” and are asking the customer if they can supply meter details and also information from their bill.

The Fraudsters claiming to be from OFGEM are stating that SSE have been suspended from selling for 91 days due to overcharging. The Fraudsters then ask the customer for their bank details so that they can refund the value of overcharge.

SSE would not need to ask customers for their meter details or indeed any details from the bill. We have all of these.

OFGEM would not require details of individual customers bank details.

If it seems to be wrong, it probably is so end the call as soon as possible without passing out details of any kind.

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