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Standard fuel mix

What’s the breakdown for SSE’s fuel mix?

It’s increasingly important for businesses to know how the electricity supplied to them is generated. Whether your business has to report its carbon emissions or not, it’s still important to understand where that electricity comes from and how its generation impacts our environment.

SSE standard fuel mix full year to March 2020

Like all of major electricity suppliers, SSE’s standard fuel mix comes from a combination of generation assets. Our standard fuel mix reflects both the electricity created by our own generation assets and the electricity we purchase to meet customer demand.

Our standard fuel mix for 2019/20 was:

pie chart showing SSE standard fuel mix values

UK average standard fuel mix full year for 2019/20:

SSE Green – fuel mix full year to March 2020

We can provide electricity that’s backed by Ofgem’s Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin scheme which helps businesses to report zero carbon emissions for the electricity they purchase.*

* Backed by a ‘Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin’ where consumption used is matched to an equivalent volume generated by our wind and hydro assets then exported to the National Grid.

Pie chart showing 100% renewable value

SSE residual fuel mix

Once our renewable supply has been allocated to SSE Green, what remains is the residual fuel mix for customers choosing our conventional supply products.

Our residual fuel mix for April 2019 to March 2020 was: