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Energy optimisation

Our state-of-the-art energy management services can help you optimise energy consumption and save a lot of money.

Using technology to redefine energy

These days, the challenges around energy are greater than ever. Regulators, stakeholders and customers demand increasingly high standards in energy management, pushing companies to take a fresh approach.

That’s why we’ve developed the technical capability to deliver long-term energy reduction and control strategies for even the most complex built estates.

Optimising your energy management

Energy optimisation depends on two factors: monitoring and control. Monitoring lets us interrogate your buildings and machinery in minute detail. Control allows us to respond to tiny variations in demand, quickly, efficiently and remotely.

We can monitor and control your energy environment in incredible detail and can combine historical and real-time data to identify efficiencies, spot irregular usage patterns and stop problems before they happen.

A clear view

Access to good data is at the heart of energy optimisation. Our Clarity online platform makes sense of your half-hourly data, visualising trends and showing wastage across multiple utilities – helping you monitor, target and save energy and costs across your business.

Building Energy Management Systems

A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) can help you take control. It optimises plant and equipment operation and fine-tunes the essential functions that keep your building running efficiently, safely and comfortably.

Our technical expertise covers all the main BEMS platforms in the UK. All your buildings can be controlled securely from our Energy Management Centre which remotely monitors and manages more than 2,500 sites around the UK. Though most issues we identify can be fixed online, on-site engineering support is readily available from our 9 regional centers around the UK.

Energy intelligence for a better world

Remote Optimal is our energy optimisation platform and key to our Energy Management Centre. It turns complex built environments into responsive, efficient, productive and comfortable work spaces where everything works just as it should.

Remote alerts avert and fix critical equipment problems while visual data analysis provides energy consumption insights. This allows us to optimise your equipment performance, enhance building comfort and provide cost savings.

Put your energy systems to the test

Whatever the scale of your business, good energy management starts with an energy audit. We’ll scrutinise every aspect of your energy consumption and make recommendations that will form the basis of your energy management plan. For larger businesses, your audit can even be part of your ESOS compliance process.

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