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Energy strategy

When it comes to energy procurement, there are many more factors to consider than price.

A new approach to energy strategy

Though buying energy used to be a cost driven exercise, it’s a lot more complex these days. Choice has increased – and so have your responsibilities as a buyer.

The trend away from price-based decision making has introduced new options for innovation and growth including more flexible buying strategies and sophisticated energy management that help increase productivity and profitability.

At SSE Business Energy we fit the product to your unique needs, allowing you to buy energy in the way that best suits your business. We’ll show you the available tariffs and discuss your best options. We’ll explain the opportunities provided by flexible purchasing and help you understand your consumption and risk profiles.

We’ll share valuable market intelligence and help you understand and manage non-energy costs. We’ll also give you the option and support to swap between products, adapting your contract as your needs change.

Energy management across the value chain

Because businesses use energy at every stage of the value chain, energy-related decisions have an impact on profitability at each stage.

Our advice can help shape your energy procurement strategies, integrating best practice and risk management. We provide the tools and practical support that add real value to your existing resources and access to a solid portfolio of energy management and optimisation services.

Flexible supply contracts and energy futures

Through optimisation, SSE Business Energy can identify the profile of your energy portfolio, giving you the option to understand and react to daily fluctuations and allowing you to shift peak usage away from peak pricing. These flexible contracts are particularly useful for large energy users where changes in energy pricing can have a critical effect.

Alternatively, if your energy use is predictable, we offer options to buy energy futures and fix costs years in advance.


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